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Competition proposal for Stvanice Island, Prague 2013

in team w/Edit!Architects

The future vision of Stvanice roots in its past. The island of Prague is still connected with activities that gradually disappeared. Their recent renewal and replenishment can build on the unique history of the island with a new life.

Let Stvanice revive again as a significant place of recreation and meeting in the city park by the river. In order that the Praguers (and not only them) could enjoy the island as it once was, it must be easy to access first of all. Walking and cycling will add to the missing links of nearby neighborhoods, a new tram stop will help make the island a wider center.

The upgraded Fuchs Cafe will create a dominant and gateway to the island. Its back wall will again become a tribune to the year-round outdoor ice rink - a living memorial of Czech ice hockey and figure skating. At the former swimming pool, the spa is hidden in a grassy hills. The arches of Negrelli's viaduct will fill the ground for new sports grounds, the rest of the island will provide seating, paths, pier, trees, birds, watering the river ... and people!