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Interactive crowdfunding installation, Signal festival, Praha, 2020

collaboration: PrusaLab (partner), Julia Parchimowicz (design), Enchanted lands (music), Vaclav Blahut (consulting)

The Royal Game Reserve, a place known to everyone as Stromovka, is a piece of romanticized image of a wild forest set in an urban setting. A place where one has the upper hand over nature, a hunting ground, precisely landscaped lakes and trails, carefully planted flowers and branches cut into a form that fulfills the human ideal of nature. It is a means of entertainment and recreation, a person is a creator, administrator and user. It might seem that the problems of today's landscape are miles away. However, nature is a complex system of relationships and has much greater power on a global scale than the entire human population. We need to realize what relationship we are building with her. A piece of such a devastated forest is brought by the Living Forest installation. The Dead Forest, located in this context, confronts visitors with the burning problem of the Czech landscape, whose health has been disrupted by the interplay of the unfortunate management of recent centuries and the global climate situation.

It is necessary to implement Plan B together. It is not the fastest or the easiest, it requires that we not only become more interested in the surroundings around us and sometimes even put our hand to the work where we have the opportunity. The worrying situation can be solved by joint long-term efforts and learning from the mistakes of the past. Visitors can try to bring life to the dead forest as part of the installation and at the same time contribute to the planting of suitable new trees in the landscape.