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Performative research for ongoing project, DesignMarch, Reyjavík, 2019

collaboration: Maria-Carmela Raso

Visitors were exploring the hidden potential of senses in a stimulating experiment. Multisensory Lab is a performative experiment that invited visitors to engage in a series of sensual experiences.

Using multisensory design allows us to move past the common audiovisual practice and become more inclusive for those with sensory impairments. Visitors were invited to explore how senses affect each other, how we can confuse the brain and trigger memories and emotions.

Does removing sensory stimuli make us more aware of the remaining senses? Are we more mentally present if we are physically stimulated? Can we touch by seeing? Can we smell sound? Can we trigger a collective response? These were some of the questions Multisensory Lab were asking in a performative research during Designmarchinorder to design an all inclusive performance.