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Reconstruction and interior of a coffee house, Prague 2015

in collaboration w/ Edit!Architects

We have been selected in a closed call to propose a design of a coffee house in a space previously used for offices. The space was divided into separate rooms by partitions.
The task was to propose a design of a continuous space, but we wanted to hack the task by keeping the partitions, but perforating them. We’ve created composition of vistas and provide cosy nooks for the customers to be able to lead personal conversations or concentrate on work while keeping the light and airy qualities of an open space.
The remains of the partitions help keeping the spirit of the space and recall the classic salon coffee house typology typical for Prague. They are cladded with oak slats meeting both aesthetic and acoustic function. The place is dominated by concrete bar growing from the floor of the same material. The chairs have each an original colourful detail linking to the illustration on the back wall by Katerina Kynclova.
Simplicity, roughness yet cosiness. Místo! (Place!)
designed w/ Edit!architects