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Zero waste set design made using exclusively plastic waste for theatre performance Independent Party People, 2019, Tjarnarbío

photo: Owen Fiene

Independent Party People was a divisive theatre performance by Sálufélagar performed at Tjarnarbío in 2019.

The performance was created during a summer residence at Tjarnarbío. Dealing humorously with themes from Icelandic identity and image the country presents to the rest of the world, to nordic white suprematism and aspects of racism in everyday life.

Whiteness and artificial materiality. The idea behind the set design was to recreate fragments and textures of icelandic landscape using exclusively recycled, repurposed or upcycled plastic.

The set was very close to zero waste, using farmers plastic waste from hay wrapping, PET bottles, tyres, PVC tube granulate, product wrapping or stretch foils, disposed properly or returned to cycle after the production.