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Video for HERBARIUM (RU), Genot Centre 2016

in collaboration w/ New Magic Media

Man's greatest fear is the inevitable coming of a global catastrophe in the shape of a humane apocalypse - the end of history of mankind. And indeed - the biggest punishment for man and his conscious separation from nature is when the ecosystem itself crosses him out as a harmful parasite. The video suggests one of possible scenarios that can follow the ecological catastrophe caused by man. Spontaneity and naturalness are conserved and kept under the cover of sterility to the point of destruction.

The same destruction that, together with newly gained freedom of the objectivized nature and technology, gives birth to a new order. An order of connection and interconnection, a rhizomatic biotechnological chaotic structure that is freed from anthropocentrism and lives, splits, binds and mutates completely freely and without any intervention by the „Great Cultivator“. If there is any space left for him at all, it is only in the shape of some sort of post human entity, consciousness that lives together with the planet and IS one of the many rhizomes in the New nature.

Video has been featured at Athens Digital Art Festival 2017

#ecofuturism #postfuture #posttranscendent

HERBARIUM on Souncloud ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ HERBARIUM on Bandcamp