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Illustrations, in collaboration w/ Jan Šrámek, Prague, Page Five 2016

Illustrations in this pubblication are part of a long-term work collaboration on architectural illustrations with illustrator Jan Šrámek.
A satirical work pretending to be a city guide to Prague 7 for first year students of the Academy of Fine Arts takes you through significant places and realities of this district, but also introduces you to local customs and gives you an insight into the souls of “typical Letna resident” with a great deal of exaggeration and fabrication.
Authors hiding behind the pseudonym “Letenská parta tl; dr “have been known to the Letná public for almost a year as the creators of weekly summaries, in which they sarcastically gloss mainly on events in the Letenská parta Facebook group. They gradually create a grotesque image of Letná as a place where everyone shows in cafes all day long from all modern clichés, stereotypes and themes washed up on social networks.
The illustrations inside depict contemporary reality of the buildings and places regardless of their historical or aesthetic value.
designed w/ Jan Šrámek