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Illustrations for Czech pavillion at Biennale di architettura, in collaboration w/ Jan Šrámek, Venezia, 2014

Large format detailed illustrations based on reality were crafted for the national pavilion exhibit during 2014 Biennale di Architettura in Venice. They were also included in a pubblication “2x100 mil m2” and displayed in the National Gallery in Prague the next year.
These illustrations have all been crafted in the same scale and isometric view. Displayed side by side they represented 6 strategies from 6 significant periods of residential development in the 20th century Czechoslovakia and visualized the differences in scale, density of population and texture of urban fabric.
The pubblication is a reaction to Rem Koolhaas’s sub-topic of the Venice Biennale, “Absorbing Modernity 1914–2014”. It communicates evidence of the way big stories of Modernism in former Czechoslovakia – its visions, ideals, synchronization with technical innovations, expectations of social changes, manifestos and also unprecedented opportunities in architecture.
On one hand they transformed into cautious distrust in totalitarianism during Postmodernism, on the other, however, they fatigued to reproduction of already tested ways and production of quantity. The ongoing atomization – including the scale of projects, size of architecture studios, specialization of professions and architects’ ambitions – could also be understood as evidence of relaxation as well as resignation to large scales.
designed w/ Jan Šrámek